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Wednesday Equinoxical Links

Man, can I just say that I'm getting my butt kicked in the Office Blogger Pool on the Tournament of Books ? The Pool was a clever move on the part of The Morning News , since I'm now checking the matches every day, and it makes for a very fun literary diversion. But ever since ECHO MAKER got knocked out in Round 1 , your Book Nerd's brackets have been suffering. See, this is why I never got into sports: there are enough sources of emotional drama in the world without getting all invested in who's going to win a darn game. Still, it's making for some very interesting reading, and a kind of book reviewing that's fairly unique. I liked the first round judges better (I almost never agree with Jessa Crispin's often snarky reviews, and my fellow LBC member Mark Sarvas still seems to be under the impression that Firmin talks [ HE DOESN'T TALK ]), and it's hard to watch my favorites go under. But it is an exciting thing, and now seems like anybody